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Ushio Bulbs

USHIO America, Inc. is constantly challenging the global market by providing new and better lighting for the future, today. Since its establishment in 1967, USHIO America Inc. has developed its product technology to include a wide variety of light sources used in many different markets.

G&G Technologies sells primarily to the audio-visual marketplace. Below is a listing of the most popular Ushio lamps we sell. Of course, we would be glad to give you price quotes on any products you see on the Ushio web-site. Just give us a call (or email us) for our discounted pricing!

Ushio Lamps
DYG 30v/250w, 3400K, 15hr $31
EHC 120v/500w, 3200K, 300hr $36
EHD 120v/500w, 3000K, 2000hr $36
EHF 120v/750w, 3200K, 300hr $36
EHG 120v/750w, 3000K, 2000hr $36
EHZ 120v/300w, 2900K, 2000hr, frosted $21
EKB 120v/420w, 3200K, 75hr $31
EMD 120v/750w, 3200K, 400hr, frosted $26
EMF 240v/800w, 3200K, 250hr, frosted $26
EYL 12v/100w, 3200K, 50hr $23
FCZ 120v/500w, 3000K, 2600hr, frosted $21
FDN 120v/500w, 3200K, 200hr, frosted $21
FEL 120v/1000w, 3200K, 300hr $36
FKW 120v/300w, 3200K, 150hr $28
FRG 120v/500w, 3200K, 150hr $31
FRH 220v/500w, 3200K, 150hr $43
FRJ 240v/500w, 3200K, 150hr $43
FRK 120v/650w, 3200K, 150hr $31
FRL 220v/650w, 3200K, 150hr $56
FRM 240v/650w, 3200K, 150hr $56
FSH 120v/125w, 3200K, 500hr $21
FSK 240/50v, 300w, 3200K, 150hr $36
FSL 220/30v, 300w, 3200K, 150hr $36
FTK 120v/500w, 3200K, 100hr $24
FVL 120v/200w, 3200K, 200hr $26
FVM 120v/105w, 3200K, 250hr $28
GCA 120v/250w, 3200K, 500hr $21
GCB 30v/200w, 3200K, 100hr $19
GCC 12v/100w, 3200K, 100hr $16
GCY 230v, 500w, 3200K, 150hr $46
GDA 120v/500w, 3150K, 100hr $21

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