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About G&G Technologies

Located in northern New Jersey, G&G Technologies is a sales company that specializes in professional video and audio equipment and related products. Now in our 36th year, G&G Technologies has become well known as a source for the most in-demand gear for professional applications. Our extensive product lines, a friendly knowledgeable sales staff, and competitive pricing have combined to make G&G the choice of professional videographers worldwide.

G&G also offers equipment rentals with various cameras, intercom systems, lighting packages, etc.

Our clients includes Fortune 500 companies, schools & colleges, government organizations, wedding videographers, and many others who require professional equipment for their necessary operations.

Please note that G&G Technologies is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for ALL the products we sell. We buy directly from the manufacturers and can provide the full support of each manufacturer. There are many un-ethical dealers on the internet who pretend to be authorized dealers and they play all kind of games, such as bait and switch tactics. Some unauthorized dealers remove standard accessories from a product and charge you extra for items you should have gotten for free. Some unauthorized dealers will even sell you 'grey' goods that have no warranty. And worst of all, you'll find out that you may have no warranty if you have bought grey goods from an unauthorized dealer. If you are ever unsure about whether a dealer is authorized, you should call the manufacturer and find out. (You don't want to find out the hard way!)

There are some very simple (and pleasurable) aspects to doing business with us:

  • We are conveniently located to everyone in the NYC area. Whether you are in any of the five boros, Westchester County, Rockland County, Long Island , and of course - anywhere in Jersey, there is easy access to G&G.
  • We have a LARGE parking lot with free parking. Yes, just pull into our lot, park, and come in. No looking for a garage or a meter...
  • You can pull your vehicle right up to our warehouse to load your order. It's a lot easier (and safer) than anywhere in NYC!

G&G Technologies

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