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IDX is the leading manufacturer and supplier of batteries, chargers and power supplies to the broadcast and professional video, audio and portable electronics industry. IDX provides true global power solutions, offering the highest quality of product, innovation and service. IDX assists their customers with a sales and support service second to none through their prime locations in Europe, Japan and the USA. It supports a network of hundreds of distributors and dealers worldwide, providing IDX customers with their sales, support and application requirements.

All IDX products are designed to the international EMC specifications and safety standards including IATA requirements. IDX power system products address today's challenges with advanced technology, rugged design and reliable performance.

G&G Technologies sells the complete IDX line. In most cases, we can have your order shipped directly from IDX to you.

IDX Batteries:

IDX Battery Chargers:

IDX AC Power Supplies:

IDX Wireless Video:

IDX Accessories

Model Description Price
A-AB2E 3-Stud (AB Mount) to V-Mount Adaptor Plate $156
A-CP(A) Cheese plate with lightweight 15mm Clamp (Accepts all IDX Plates) $134
A-E2EOSC V-Mount Adaptor for Canon C100 / C300 / C500 cameras $308
AT-E2CMKII V-Mount Adaptor Plate for Canon C300 Mark II camera $225
A-E2LCD-2 V-Mount Adaptor Plate for 100mm VESA LCD monitors. $285
A-E2NP Adaptor to charge NP-batteries on ENDURA Chargers $247
A-MWR Wireless Receiver Mounting Bracket. Attaches directly to a V-mnt type $298
A-NH2E Male V-Mount Adaptor Plate (internal screws) $75
A-MT2V Male V-Mount Adaptor Plate (external screws) $102
CA4XLR-B 4-pin XLR Power Supply Cable - 10-ft. $45
C-EB-XLR ENDURA Power Adaptor - 12V XLR Output with Belt Clip $156
C-NP2E Adaptor to Charge ENDURA Batteries on IDX NP Lithium Ion Chargers $138
ET-PV2BM V-Mount Adaptor Plate for Blackmagic Cinema Camera $126
ET-PV2UR V-Mount Adaptor Plate for Blackmagic URSA & URSA Mini Camera $185
MD-NBV V-Mount Adaptor Plate with 5x D-tap outputs $199
NBV-XLR ENDURA 4-Pin XLR to V-Mount Adaptor Plate $115
SD-1E Power Adaptor - 7.2V/12V XLR Output with Belt Clip $263
TA-CA214 Camera Support System w/ (1) 1/4 20" Screw $195
TA-CA238 Camera Support System w/ (1) 3/8" Screw $195
TA-PV2J650 V-Mount Adaptor Plate for JVC GY-HM600 and HM650 cameras $190
TA-PV2USB V-Mount Adaptor Plate with D-Tap & USB Connector (5V) $160

IDX V-Plates and DC Cables

Model Description Price
P-V2 ENDURA V-Mount Plate w/unregulated D-Tap & Digi-View™ $95
P-VS2 ENDURA V-Mount Plate w/unregulated D-Tap & Digi-View™,Syncron $105
P-V212 ENDURA V-Mount Plate w/unregulated D-Tap & regulated 12V D-Tap $177
P-V257 ENDURA V-Mount Plate w/unregulated D-Tap & regulated 5V/7V D-Tap (via switch) $177
P-V284 ENDURA V-Mount Plate w/unregulated D-Tap and regulated 8.4V D-Tap $177

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